Our philosophy

consists of facts.


Our ultimate ambition in software development is to ensure high lifecycle, scalability, fast deployment and easy integration, to transfer your ambition to success.
In addition to an innovative approach to managing software requirements, the gomindo Software Development Process covers all known industry standards and bases on ISO/IEC 15504 (SPIECE) under the aspects of ISO/IEC 12207 (Software Life Cycle Processes).


The brilliance of an idea not only lies within ist simplicity, but also within the network behind it, its backbone. Professionals providing the necessary expertise and experience, creative potential and dedication, have a direct impact on the bottom line that results from it.
gomindo consists of a team of professionals who meet a promising idea with eclectic expertise and long term experience in business solutions, dedication and enthusiasm - Milestones on your way to success with effective and complex information technology that meets the requirements of today's business.
gomindo delivers consistent quality assurance through technology experience, marketing expertise and a proven strategic system engineering.
And yes, it's as simple as it sounds. As simple as a good idea.
Our business consulting includes analysis and recommendations for the following fields: strategy, software, hardware and network solutions that are required to support existing business visions and investments on top of strategic analysis and planning.


Look at software design as a process of problem-solving and planning for a software solution, the destination of your journey. It's a detailed and visualized plan for developing the software by documentation, flowchart or UML models.
A software problem mostly occurs due to an inaccurate or missing software design before the development and programming phase begins. That's why a software designing process should never start before the purpose and specification of a software is fully determined, including the software requirements analysis (SRA).
The gomindo software design and engineering process is based on superior standards used throughout the industry today to maximize the success of software solutions and development investments.